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Introducing Kratix 🎉


This workshop introduces you to the Kratix framework. We have created a series of tutorials that build up your understanding of what Kratix is, how Kratix works, and how you can use Kratix to deliver a first-class platform within your organisation.

Before beginning this workshop, consider your answers to the following questions:

  • What is the highest value service your platform provides to your application development teams?
  • How easy is it for you to provide and maintain that service?
  • How easy is it for application developers to use that service?
  • How can you enhance flow for your application developers and reduce effort for you and your platform team?

The series

  1. Install Kratix
    Learn more about Kratix and install Kratix locally using KinD

  2. Install a Kratix Promise
    Learn more about Kratix Promises and install a sample Jenkins Promise

  3. Using multiple Kratix Promises
    Use Kratix with sample Promises for Nginx, Postgres and Jenkins

  4. Writing and installing a Kratix Promise
    Write a Jenkins Promise and deploy it to Kratix

  5. Enhancing a Kratix Promise
    Extend an existing sample Postgres Promise by configuring specifically for you, your team, and your organisation

  6. Final Thoughts
    How can Kratix help you?

🥁 Let's start

Begin with Install Kratix.